Travelling along a technological highway!

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New Experiences

Twitter Social

Last week I didn’t even know what a Twitter Social was.  I cannot believe just how much the world has moved on since my ‘word processing’ and ‘desk top publishing’ days of 25 years ago!  Where have I been? I was struggling so much to understand certain technological terms, nevermind what they actually did and how to use them, but an hour into a ‘Twitter Social’ (like a Facebook chat I guess – yes, I just about know what that is) and I’m much clearer on a couple of terms than I was  previously.  I now know how to structure documents on a blog post (ok there’s not much to structure here but there will be soon I’m sure) and I’ve ‘favourited’ lots of tweets that will be of interest as soon as I get the time to look at them.


I’ve learned how to set up a Google account and how to open and structure a Google Doc.  Although I haven’t yet completed a Google Doc I’m sure it won’t be long and at least I know how to do it.


Well, I’ve successfully downloaded Jing and managed to take a screenshot (see above) and get it put on this blog post so am feeling fairly pleased with myself.  I still need A LOT of practice because at the moment it takes a very long time to do.  Perhaps it’s worth carrying on after all…


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What I’ve learned this week…

How to achieve a Clear Print Document

Many thanks for sharing the link,  This is something I can definately take back to my colleagues and also consider myself when producing work for my pupils.  It was very clear and very concise.

Alternative Formats

My thanks for EA Draffon for her inspiring video presentation.  Some quotes I particularly like:

  • “One size does not fit all”
  • “we like to read and listen to content in different ways at different times”
  • Always offer multiple formats where possible because we don’t know all the answers (in terms of what works best)

Use of Structured Documents

Oh how I wish I had known how to use these before I did my Level 3 Dyslexia qualification.  Formatting would have been so much easier and much much quicker.  I asked my niece this weekend if she had been taught how to structure documents.  Her answer was “no”.  She is studying Forensic Science at University.  I can feel a screencast coming on.  Watch this space…..

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What a minefield of information!

My desire to provide the best in education for my dyslexic learners drove me to join the Inclusive Technologies for Reading Course run by Dyslexia Action and the RNIB.  I need to drag myself kicking and screaming into the 21st Century and get to grips with social networking sites as a means of collaborative learning – or so my Course tutors are trying their best to convince me.  I have spent an hour and a half trying to start up this blog and am still mightily confused.  I live in hope that the more I use it the easier it will become and I dream that my ‘lightbulb moment’ is not too far away.  SO, I apologise in advance if I write something silly or do something wrong.  Please bear with me.

I am trying to learn as much as possible about the technologies out there in the big wide world that can help my little ones (primary children) to access print more easily.  Of course, due to restraints on school budgets, these technologies need to be, preferably free, or at least dirt cheap.  If anyone can help, I would be more than pleased to hear from you.  Please provide information that is very easy for a ‘numpty’ to understand.  Thank you!