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New Experiences

Twitter Social

Last week I didn’t even know what a Twitter Social was.  I cannot believe just how much the world has moved on since my ‘word processing’ and ‘desk top publishing’ days of 25 years ago!  Where have I been? I was struggling so much to understand certain technological terms, nevermind what they actually did and how to use them, but an hour into a ‘Twitter Social’ (like a Facebook chat I guess – yes, I just about know what that is) and I’m much clearer on a couple of terms than I was  previously.  I now know how to structure documents on a blog post (ok there’s not much to structure here but there will be soon I’m sure) and I’ve ‘favourited’ lots of tweets that will be of interest as soon as I get the time to look at them.


I’ve learned how to set up a Google account and how to open and structure a Google Doc.  Although I haven’t yet completed a Google Doc I’m sure it won’t be long and at least I know how to do it.


Well, I’ve successfully downloaded Jing and managed to take a screenshot (see above) and get it put on this blog post so am feeling fairly pleased with myself.  I still need A LOT of practice because at the moment it takes a very long time to do.  Perhaps it’s worth carrying on after all…


Author: carmelabell

Teaching assistant working with dyslexic children in the primary sector.

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