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Making a difference – Dyslexia

Future libraries

Libraries are probably not your first thought if you or a member of your family  are dyslexic but our 3 year partnership with Dyslexia Scotland has changed that in Edinburgh and made a real difference

In line with this thrilling year of Sport, come and toast the Dyslexia Awareness Week programme  in style with a glass of bubbly, in the company of great representatives from the sporting world, all of them Ambassadors for Dyslexia Scotland…be mesmerised by Keith Cook, fencing champion and inspired by Paul McNeill, Scottish Football Association and Chris Tiso of Tiso Group Limited.

Edinburgh Central Library  (Mezzanine Level), Tuesday 6th November, 6.30-8pm
Book online or phone 0131 242 8022

Dyslexia Awareness Week  – Tuesday 6th until Saturday 10th November 2012


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As a story-teller Sally Gardner is unsurpassed. Her new novel Maggot Moon is as they say ‘something else.’ I like books that look extremely promising for the first few pages, only to notch up the level of promise higher still as you read.

Sally Gardner, Maggot Moon

Set in 1956 Maggot Moon feels as if it could have been written then as well. It fits right in with the classic books we used to read a few decades ago, except we thought they were all depicting a rather terrible future. In Maggot Moon we look back to what was, and it’s real.

Standish Treadwell ‘can’t read, can’t write and isn’t very bright.’ And still Standish is one of the most fantastic heroes I have ever come across. He is no fool, and once he’s found a friend in Hector he is completely fine. Except Hector disappears. The Motherland keeps tabs on what everyone does…

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What a minefield of information!

My desire to provide the best in education for my dyslexic learners drove me to join the Inclusive Technologies for Reading Course run by Dyslexia Action and the RNIB.  I need to drag myself kicking and screaming into the 21st Century and get to grips with social networking sites as a means of collaborative learning – or so my Course tutors are trying their best to convince me.  I have spent an hour and a half trying to start up this blog and am still mightily confused.  I live in hope that the more I use it the easier it will become and I dream that my ‘lightbulb moment’ is not too far away.  SO, I apologise in advance if I write something silly or do something wrong.  Please bear with me.

I am trying to learn as much as possible about the technologies out there in the big wide world that can help my little ones (primary children) to access print more easily.  Of course, due to restraints on school budgets, these technologies need to be, preferably free, or at least dirt cheap.  If anyone can help, I would be more than pleased to hear from you.  Please provide information that is very easy for a ‘numpty’ to understand.  Thank you!